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this is our Farm Store

We believe it's important that people know where their food comes from. In this light, we prefer that people come visit our farm and purchase directly from our farm store.  You are also welcome to look around and see for yourself how we operate.  Instructions for the use of our self service Farm Store are below.

Farm Store Instructions

Our Farm Store is in an old log cabin.   It was the only structure on the property when our family acquired the farm in 1980.  Built sometime in the 1800s the building's logs had long been covered with siding and the inside was full of hay.  To be honest, we didn't even know it was a log cabin. The plan was to tear it down, but fortunately, some siding was pulled loose revealing a stunning log cabin below.   The building has since been restored becoming our Farm Store.   Inside are four freezers, one for lamb, one for beef, one for pork, and one for bratwursts.   


1).   If you don't have a bag grab one of the black recycled fabric bags we've made available. 

2).  Pick out the cuts you want and pack them in your bag.

3).  Using the price list below, calculate the total cost and either write us a check for the said amount or you can leave us some cash.  Put your payment in the jar on the table.   

And you can go on your merry way! That easy.  IF you'd like to take advantage of the visit to check out the farm- just let us know and if we have time we can give you a quick tour.   

If you have any questions about the process please feel free to ask!


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