a Family owned and operated farm

For thirty years and three generations we have run sheep and cattle on Over Jordan Farm, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia.  

We're farming against Global Warming

We believe that properly managed livestock farms are a key to rebuilding local economies and regenerating healthy ecosystems. Well managed pastures and forests naturally capture CO2, making them important tools in the toolkit for tackling global warming.


What our clients have to  say!


Van Carney

Probably the best brat I've ever eaten!

Uma Bertonelli Sands, 4

Oh my gosh! My Nonno (grandfather in Italian) makes the best brats everrrr!

Sylvie Rowand

Excellent mouth feel, nicely unctuous, well-rounded lamb flavor. Just what one wants in a lamb shoulder.





Tel. 540-675-1025

15 A Over Jordan Farm Ln.
Flint Hill, VA 22627

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